NO online Young Physicists’
Tournament 2024

There will be no OYPT 2024 tournament.

About The Event

As many teams were not able to travel between 2020 and 2023, we were providing an online alternative to compete virtually.

These restrictions are no longer in place and we are looking forward to the IYPT in Budapest.

Interested Teams

Multiple teams have expressed interest for the continuation of an OYPT. This is mostly for documentation of interest but does not constitute any form of pre-registration.





Iran Valeh

Iran Valeh


  • The OYPT is only an international competition, if there are enough international teams participating. That was the case for the last years, as participating in the IYPT was hard and the majority of teams looked for alternative venues to compete internationally.

    Now, that the IYPT is reasonably accessible again, most teams participate in person.

  • Maybe there is enough interest in having an online tournament in the future. But it will never be placed in competition with the IYPT.

  • If you are interested in organising an OYPT style tournament, keep in mind that is requires quite a bit of resources and will not be endorsed by the IYPT. A rough estimate of work required is two technically skilled people for 5 days of tournament plus one day per week for the two month leading up to the tournament. The main additional challenges are finding experienced jurors are fight assistants.

    Get in touch for more information.


If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch